Privacy Notice: Informed Delivery™ service will enable you to receive digital images of the exterior of your letter mail each day via email or through your Informed Delivery™ dashboard.  To provide you with these images, Informed Delivery™ will need to link your physical mailing address with your email address that you have submitted through your® account.


You will need to sign into your® account before enrolling in the Informed Delivery™ service.  If you do not have a® account, you will be required to create a new account and verify your identity before you will be eligible to enroll in the Informed Delivery™ service.  To ensure that you will receive images of the exterior of your letter mail destined for your current mailing address, and that such messages are sent to the correct email address, we encourage you to confirm that the information in your® account profile is accurate and up-to-date.  To view the USPS® Privacy Policy, please visit